• Since 1926, Dunn, Nutter & Morgan, LLP has expertly represented insurers and plaintiffs in products liability and personal injury claims. Instances such as faulty tires, malfunctioning vehicles, SUV turnovers, 18-wheeler incidents, car crashes, hard drugs, and slip-and-fall accidents are a few of the many fields of expertise that our skilled negotiators have navigated through. When it comes to personal injury and products liability, we have the skills and experience to achieve the justice you deserve in Texarkana, TX.

    For people seeking economic damages as a result of lemon laws, landlord/tenant disputes, breach of warranty, breach of contract, and financial damages involving illicit trade practices, we offer excellent consumer representation. We have the skills to put consumer protection laws into action Dunn, Nutter & Morgan, LLP.

    Trust our seasoned attorneys for all your consumer protection, products liability and personal injury defense needs.