Firm History

In 1926, Ben Carter and Willis B. Smith, Sr. first opened the doors of our law firm at 212 Olive Street in Texarkana, Arkansas. Through the years, the name has changed from Carter & Smith to:

Smith & Sanderson,
Smith, Sanderson, Stroud & McClerkin,
Smith, Stroud, McClerkin, Conway & Dunn;
Smith, Stroud, McClerkin, Dunn & Nutter;
Dunn, Nutter & Morgan, LLP; and
Morgan, Cook, & Beck, LLP

Although having undergone the various name changes and office location changes, the present law firm of Morgan, Cook & Beck, LLP has been in continuous operation in the Texarkana area since 1926. In October 2017, our firm relocated its offices to our beautiful and newly renovated building located at 3512 Texas Boulevard, Texarkana, Texas.

Our current lawyers have experience dating back to 1967, and some of our previous lawyers have gone on to become Arkansas Supreme Court judges, Court of Appeals judges, state legislators, and federal magistrates. We have earned a reputation as hardworking and fair, with the depth and breadth of experience needed to successfully handle complex, high-stakes cases. We maintain excellent relationships with colleagues throughout the area.